Learn how Higher works step-by-step so that you can grasp everything that Highre virtual career fairs offer!


step 1: Sign up

- Use Google Chrome Browser! (Highre is optimized for it)
- Sign up using your .edu email
- Verify your email address via the confirmation email
- Account created!

step 2: create profile

- Go to "Profile" Tab
- Create and edit your information
- Upload your resume (Dropbox, Box URL works well)
- Avoid Google doc from your university account: it doesn't allow external people access your resume.

step 3: pre-event scheduling

- Upcoming events are marked with yellow circular badges
- Schedule meetings with available employers: Be 100% committed and be aware that you can NOT cancel from 48 hours before the event.
- Many employers register last minute - expect to see more during the career fair :) 

step 4: attend the event!

- Live events are marked with green circular badges
- Events start & end exactly at the scheduled date & time
- Enjoy webinar speaker sessions from inspiring professionals
- See if you can still find 1:1 video meeting spots
- Drop off your resume at virtual employer booths
- Make sure to NOT miss scheduled meetings with employers!